Steve Reeve

Steve Reeve Arkham Rising isn’t just a fan film, it’s a film that formed a family. The saga is archived in a ‘cast at, but long […]

Stefan Makowski Stefan Makowski was born in St. Albert, Alberta, and has been producing and DJing electronic music under various pseudonyms since 2009. He is currently studying […]

Stuart McDougall

Stuart McDougall The Woman in the Red Dress is Stuart’s first foray into NextFest, and he couldn’t be happier to work with the wonderful folks he’s met […]

Tyler Biddulph I am a student at the University of Alberta who thinks acting is fun. I am not very educated in the dramatic arts so I […]

Jenna Werhun

Jenna Werhun Jenna and Cameron have been working closely together for approximately four years. Their primary focus has been on strengthening the relationship between dancers and musicians […]

Emilie St.Hilaire Emilie St.Hilaire is an interdisciplinary artist currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Alberta. Through video projections and installation Emilie’s work […]

Ashley Laurenson

Ashley Laurenson Arkham Rising is a fan film that was brewed between a family of friends after a 10 hour road trip, the midnight preview of Dark […]

Tito Guillen

Tito Guillen Tito Guillen is the writter/director of the films ‘Cover‘ and ‘Arkham Rising‘ which will both be screening during NextFest this year. An avid lover of […]

Andrea Ruschin Andrea Ruschin is an Edmonton based performer originally from Alberta’s pee break, Red Deer. A student at the University of Alberta, she’s set to complete her […]

Holly Cinnamon

Holly Cinnamon Holly Cinnamon is an Edmonton-based director, actor and writer. She is passionate about multi-disciplinary performance and collaborative theatre processes. Previous creation credits include: conceiving…


Toddske As life-long fan of the arts, Toddske, with the help of his friends, decided to turn fantasy into reality by following his passions. What started […]

Camille Pavlenko Camille is the playwright of The Jackal and Her Reflection. She is a playwright, actor, and improviser based in the Southern Alberta area. Recently, her […]

Jana Brodkin-Singh Jana is an artist based out of Calgary, Alberta, interested in art and painting. She studied artwork from Alberta College of Art +Design and graduated […]

Svitlana Kravchuk Svitlana Kravchuk is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Ukraine, raised in the Middle East and now settled in Canada. Svitlana holds an Hon. BA in […]

Sora Park Sora Park is an interdisciplinary artist based in Edmonton. She explores how quantitative and qualitative data gathered during an immersive practice of field research translates […]