Play Readings

fill your boots theatre presents
The Last Day of July
Saturday, June 2 at 10:00am (talkback to follow)
in the Roxy on Gateway Theatre

Playwright: Ashleigh Hicks
Director: Philip Geller

Everybody’s gotta bleed. Misha and Miska are alone together on the wing of an airplane. Sticks and stones may break their bones and pins may pierce their skin.

BeautifulChaos Theatre presents
Blender Juice
Tuesday, June 5 at 4:00pm (talkback to follow)
in the Roxy on Gateway Theatre

Playwright: Emma Wilmott
Director: Caitlin Kelly

As humans, we are naturally drawn to routine…however, what happens when that routine
becomes ritual, and what if it ever breaks? Based on a true story, Blender Juice follows the relationship of an elderly married couple, a past lover and their unique, present living situation in which they are now accustomed.

Straight Edge Theatre presents
Cult Cycle: A New Musical
Thursday, June 7 at 2:00pm (talkback to follow)
in the Roxy on Gateway Theatre

Book/Lyrics: Stephen Allred, Bethany Hughes + Seth Gilfillan
Composer: Daniel Belland
Director: Bethany Hughes Featuring Erika Noot, Geoff Ryzuk, Jaimi Reese, Mark Sinongco, Nadine Veroba + Stephen Allred

There is a new spin studio in town! Welcome to Cult Cycle where you will watch the fat burn and a new you will rise from the ashes. We strive for divine bodily per- fection. This is no ordinary spin class. This new, original musical gives a new meaning to the phrase “that spin class was torture.” Do you have what it takes to “Get Fit or DIE Trying?”

Room 801
Friday, June 8 at 5:00pm (talkback to follow)
in the Roxy on Gateway Theatre

Playwright/Performer: Dylan Thomas Bouchier

Life is never as easy as it seems. This is what Jack must learn. Jack must challenge his understanding of what is safe, worthwhile and even real. Will he fight for what he thinks is right? Or is even the “right thing” not so easy to accept?

Get Off the Stage Productions presents
English Breakfast
Saturday, June 9 at 10:00am (talkback to follow)
in the Roxy on Gateway Theatre

Edmonton, 1919. Bolshevism is public enemy number one. Ilse, the daughter of a German
immigrant taken by the Canadian government during the Great War, works hard to keep her family’s cafe afloat in hopes that one day her father will be returned. A federal agent and local businessman meet there to discuss the nation-wide labour strike, Ilse’s socialist
neighbour drops by for some tea, and a mob encroaches upon the cafe as the four inside try to negotiate who among them can be trusted.