NuMusic Showcase

Curated by Mustafa Rafiq

The Yardbird Suite | 10203 86 Ave
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 9:00pm

The Nextfest NuMusic Showcase features a bouquet of emerging talent from Edmonton’s local music scene.

Bobbitopickles: Bobbitopickles is an analog beatmaker making fresh tracks on his sp-404, made out of jello.

Sister Ray: Saying whatever on whatever days about whatever with you. She watches while you stand in the back corner trying to sort the best time to buy them a drink or go for a cigarette or finally go home and listen to something on your mind tonight.

Preston: Preston is a three piece experimental jazz fusion, gothcore, millennial-anthem dream team

Sole Rhythm: Sole Rhythm is Jenna Werhun’s most recent artistic project that unites tap dancing and music within a band atmosphere. All of Sole Rhythm’s original songs are written out of acapella tap rhythms, with melody lines and chords structured around the rhythm of the dance that it accompanies.

xQuartet: xQuartet is a sextet of improvisers specializing in the audio-visual transformation of space. Performances vary as they cater to the uniqueness of the situation and venue. In each case, the improvisers draw on any aspect of the space and performance to inform the direction they steer their playing in, resulting in an audio-visual feedback loop that can at times make the experience seem self-steering.

Varied: Nefertiti to Howl: 20th Century Kids performing the thought process of a New York City taxi driver.

Kitsune: Laura McClellan performs under the name Kitsune, seeking to reintegrate the organic human touch into live performance visual art. Her visual sets consist of a blend of  projections, video feedback, and handmade video glitch synthesis.

Courteney Morin: Courteney Morin (ᐋᐧᐸᓇᒑᐦᐠ ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ wâpanacâhk iskwew) is a VJ whose style weaves custom content and animation loops, writing FX files, coding midis, and 3D mapping for a distinct visual experience. C-Morin plays with distortion, liminality, and kinaesthetic responses.