NuMusic Showcase

Thursday, June 7 at 9:00pm
in the Yardbird Suite
Curated by Mustafa Rafiq

Matthew Cardinal
Matthew Cardinal is a multi-instrumentalist in many diverse projects, including the shoegaze-infused Slow Girl Walking and the thunderous rock trio nêhiyawak. With his solo material, Cardinal steps away from roaring guitars and produces ambient soundscapes that quietly scream with emotion. He leaves most of his tracks untitled, allowing his audience to fill in the blanks themselves.

LN Baba
LN Baba is a real estate agent. Let them sell you a song, hand crafted and honest.

Rage Radtke
Harsh and cutting and loving and often too honest, Rage Radtke boldly embodies the stories that bubble under the surface of their host. Eclectic in style, unpredictable in form, the music unfolds in much the same way their narrator’s unlikely life has, and brings listeners along for a provoking ride into her life story.

Ever wanted to hear the “Edmonton as F•ck” lovechild of The Smiths, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Front Bottoms? Hersilia’s here, queer, and sampling the sounds of our winter city. The real question: mandolin or trumpet? Our answer: BOTH.

Ben Fitzpatrick + Zia B
Avante Garde and Baroque had a lovechild, from the brain of hip hop artist Big Ben + violinist Zia Zia