NXTFST Podcast 2016

09 June

A Special nxtfstPodcast from What It Is
Guests: Ben Gorodetsky, Jane Alison McKinney & Ashleigh Hicks
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
What It Is Podcast Theme (cover) by White Heat
Contains some coarse language

The guys from What It Is check in with some Nextfest 2016 artists to talk about their projects as part of the festival and life an artist. The artists discuss some larger questions about what it means to be an artist and how the passion to create never truly leaves them. It’s a fascinating and fun discussion – so get it in your ear holes!

07 June

Readers: Bob L’Heureux, Kiana Woo & Emma Ingen-Housz
Performed on Sunday June 5, 2016 at the Campus St Jéan

Hear a brand new play, currently in the workshop stages, from Josephine Hendrick as part of the Nextfest 2016 Play Reading Series curated by Steve Pirot. Recorded by What It Is Podcast. Contains some coarse language.

02 June

Nextfest Visual Art Gallery Audio Tour
Produced by What It Is Podcast

Visit the Nextfest Visual Art Gallery at Bonnie Doon Centre in Edmonton, Alberta with this recording on your smartphone to hear from the artists of the gallery. Toss in your headphones, press play on this recording and let Taylor Chadwick and Nextfest’s artists take you on a tour of the gallery. Tour starts on the south wall (to your left if you have your back to the mall entrance) and moves clockwise around the room.

Featuring: Steven Teeuwsen, Kimberly Heacock, Vivian Trinh, Alexandra Gusse, Haylee Fortin, Kasie Campbell, Kendel Vreeling, Ryan Andrade, Mackenzie Whittington, Brad Fehr, Yirang Kim, Megan Warkentin, Joanne Guthrie, Mitchell Chalifoux, Alison Prsa, Tamera Newton & hosted by Taylor Chadwick

01 June

What It Is Podcast Nextfest 2016 Special
As heard at whatitispodcast.com
Guests: Leif Ingebrigtsen, Rebecca Sadowski, Rebecca Dust & Anne Heritage
With: Ellen Chorley & Chris W. Cook
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward
Contains some coarse language

Join the guys from What It Is podcast as they preview this year’s festival of emerging artists – Nextfest! We hear about DND Musicals, Next Nextfest, young geniuses creating work about geniuses and Tom Waits inspired dance pieces. The artists of Edmonton are creative, funny and fascinating… there is no better place to hear about them than on the What It Is podcast so get it in your ear holes!