Play Readings

Saturday June 4 | 2:00 pm
Faculte St. Jean | 8406 91 Street

PROMISE by Robert Bradley
Featuring Robert Bradley, Jordan Empson, Ben Haney, Nick Boyce, Johanna Shaw, Seanna Tuson and Cian Homeniuk

The journey of a man from early childhood to his adult life while he deals with a family that is crumbling around him and the isolation of his own mind.

LIGHTS by Alyssa Bilodeau
Featuring Alyssa Bilodeau, Zachary Bilodeau, Nick Boyce, Cassie Durocher, Cian Homeniuk, Elizabeth Isabelle, Calista Fladger, and Robert Bradley

Set in an abstract and interpretive world outside of our own, five friends lose their way as they discover who they are, and what’s most important in life. Sometimes moving on doesn’t have to mean leaving the past behind.

WEIGHT OF GOLD by Tamara Bojovic
Featuring Tamara Bojovic, Sydney Costa, Seanna-Lee Tuson, Jordan Empson, Deano Dei, Robert Bradley, Gareth Verhagen

Duty, responsibility and sacrifice are the things that are expected of Reyna Marlathon, the only heir to her parents’ castle. Her fate has been decided from the moment she was born; however, Reyna believes her destiny should lie in her own hands.