Performance Series


starts at the Roxy on Gateway | 8529 103 Street
Saturday June 4 | 8:30pm
Sunday June 5 | 8:30pm
Friday June 10 | 8:30pm
Saturday June 11 | 8:30pm

conceived by and featuring Angelina Berlinic created by Angelina Berlinic, Evan Robinson, Julia-Don Edwards, Cassie Hyman, Hannah Meyers, Olivia Rose Leaf, Ryan Jackson, Sage Jepson, Hannah Mowbray, Abby Gwilt and Sydney Jackson

An outdoor found-space performance based on Greek mythology leads the audience through a journey, exploring how even in death, our everyday actions have consequences. Plays rain or shine.  Audience will be required to walk outside, please wear appropriate footwear.

DIVINE HUMAN GENIUS created by the Gentle Assembly

The Roxy on Gateway | 8529 103 Street
Tuesday June 7 | 7:30pm
Wednesday June 8 | 6:00pm
Saturday June 11 | 4:30pm

The Gentle Assembly is: Laith Amreya, Jezzalyn Degeling, Diana Dostyar, Rebecca Dust, Ethan Fortin, Anne Heritage, Jacob Jadziewicz, Victoria Koziarz, Jacob Lafantaisie, Alysha Leblanc, Nicholas Lindsay, Stuart Lindsay, Caitlin Martini, Matteo Rota, Jared Wonago with Sophie Gareau-Brennan and Ellen Chorley

Way back when ancient Rome was being constructed / Creative types spoke freely and unobstructed / They had poets, and painters, philosophers, musicians / And they all believed in this one superstition / They said the work that I do, it isn’t all me / There’s something outside providing divine creativity / I have this creature in my corner and sleeping in my walls  / To save me from hitting those creative pit falls


Tuesday June 7 | 6:00pm
Saturday June 11 | 1:30 pm
Faculte St. Jean | 8406 91 Street

REELED by Morganne Surma
Featuring Morganne Surma, Janey Small, Shyanne Duquette, Emily Galan, Krims Gomowad, James Zhang, Emily Lizotte, and Shania Lehmann

A sitcom style story based upon a camping trip of two sisters and their best friend accompanied by an unsuited chaperone.  

ALL THAT GROWS book and lyrics by Jacob Mouallem, music by Zachary Mouallem
Featuring Jake Mouallem, Jordan Empson, Elizabeth Isabelle, Gareth Verhagen, Laaryssa Nichols, Tamara Bojovic, Monique Lafleur, Johanna Shaw, Deano Dej, Nick Boyce, and Stefan Zauner

Nestled in the ashes of the world, four survivors live off the scarce crops which still cling to life.  Everything changes when another survivor shows up at their doorstep begging for help…


Tuesday June 7 | 7:30pm
Saturday June 11 | 6:00pm
Faculte St. Jean | 8406 91 Street

THE ART OF SOLVING GORDON by Katherine Archibald
Featuring Katherine Archibald, Sean Currie, Mallory Stahlke, Chelsea Woo, and Isaiah Rust

After surviving being shot by her boyfriend Constance is determined to solve the mystery of his motives. She soon learns, however, that her tepid relationship with him may not have been the tension that pulled the trigger after all…

HALF THE WORLD  book and lyrics by Julia Stankski & Sarah Dickson, music by Curtis Ward & Sarah Dickson
Featuring Julia Stanski, Sarah Dickson, Curtis Ward, Ethan Sala, Elaine Tran, Morgan Thomas, Ally Ianni, Rajah Maggay, Alan Han, Nayneet Chand, Cassandra Pryer, Lochlann Kerr, and Martina Elegino

In 1913 Winnipeg, the women’s suffrage movement is growing. Caught up in its fight for equality and freedom, sixteen-year-old Lily is determined to escape a life of oppression and find her own path. This one-act historic musical looks at romance, reality and the question of choice.


Tuesday June 7 | 9:00pm
Saturday June 11 | 3:00 pm
Faculte St. Jean | 8406 91 Street

MIND THE GAP by Caitlin Kelly
Featuring Emma Wilmott, Sage Jepson, Nadiya Shore and Caitlin Kelly

Life’s simple moments are often the ones which will remain with us forever.  An elderly women’s memory of her life with her husband from their youth into their old age explores blurred lines between love and betrayal.

FRANK & OLLIE by Jonah Dunch
Featuring Jonah Dunch, Tom Tunski, Warren Suggitt

A frustrated young man accidentally bring to life his childhood stuffed animal. Together, they go on a whirlwind journey into their foggy and whimsical kids TV show past together, piecing together the facts of their lives, and trying to figure out how to confront the challenges of the present.

ELLIE & TOM by Isabella Derilo
Featuring Isabella Derilo, Josh Parkins, Jezec Sanders, Eriki Richards, Aniqa Charania, Kaelin Koufogiannakis

Following their breakup, Ellie and Tom decide to go back into their memories with the help of a memory retrieval organization. Digging deeper into the past, Ellie and Tom realize that love can never be the answer, only a conscious choice.

AMIDST TIME by Kim Bianca Dizon

June 8 | 6:00pm
June 11 | 4:30pm
Faculte St. Jean | 8406 91 Street
Featuring Kim Bianca Dizon, Rowyn Gibbons, Ashley Swanstrom, Declan Fournier, Raeven Dudley, Jacob Fulton, Cole Deitz, Jess Blundon

Madame Lucille has the ability to perform black magic. One night, while performing a ritual, Madame Lucile unknowingly casts a spell on an old telephone. When Eli lives, it is 2009. When Franco lives, it is 1959. One night the telephone rings and despite an interval of fifty years, Eli and Franco hear each other’s voices.