They’re fierce, they’re creative, they’re passionate, they’re talented and they have Math 20 in the morning. Nextfest presents our celebration of high school artists, a festival within a festival we’ve lovingly dubbed NEXTNextfest. This multi-medium showcase of Edmonton and area artists provides a platform for teen artists under the age of 18 who are serious about creating careers in theatre, music, dance, poetry and visual art. These secondary school artists are encouraged to boldly present their work…and show the twenty-somethings how it’s done!

Curated by Jennifer Peebles

Nextfest is now accepting submissions for 2019!

Are you a highschool student creating daring new theatre works, dance pieces, music, film, spoken word, visual art, multidisciplinary collaborations, or other art? We want to give you a platform to share your brilliance at Nextfest 2019.


Nextfest Highschool Theatre Application

Nextfest Highschool Dance Application

Nextfest Highschool All-Discipline Application

Deadline to apply is January 26th,  2019. Nextfest 2019 runs May 30 – June 9, 2019.

Nextfest provides students with a safe opportunity to share art and network with the broader arts community. We foster positive professional experiences for everyone involved.

Questions? Email Highschool Curator Jen Peebles at