Nextfest Nite Clubs

These series of late night multidisciplinary performance parties brings artists and audience together in exploratory, off-the-wall, never-before-seen, might-not-ever-be-seen again collaborative performances and experiences. Each night club has a distinctly different flavour, offering up a little something for everyone. Buckle up.


Presented by The Donnas & The Orange Girls
Curated by Olivia Latta, Desirée Leverenz, and Meagan Prus
The Roxy on Gateway | 8529 Gateway Blvd
Friday, June 2 at 9:00pm

Consider this your invite to a dinner party of the utmost extravagance. Prepare for a night of cocktails, fine-ish dining, and convoluted conversations. Watch in awe as the family dynamic turns as sour as the wine, and the night becomes wild and weird. Dress code is Black Tie/Trash. 18+ event.


Curated by Sam Jeffery
The Roxy on Gateway | 8529 Gateway Blvd
Saturday, June 3 at 9:00pm

What will Smut look like in 5, 25, 500 years? Bring out your robots, your sci fi, your modern toys and show us what the future of sex holds. FutureSmut is a multidisciplinary performance party celebrating everything lewd, crude, risque, and sexual. Costumes & lack thereof encouraged. 18+ event.


Curated by Steven Teeuwsen
Thursday, June 8
Tour: Meet at The Paint Spot (10032 81 Ave) at 7:00pm
Nite Club: The Roxy on Gateway (8529 Gateway Blvd) at 9:00pm

Meaning is found in the viewer’s eyes. Make a mask and view things a little differently. Join the masquerade of monsters as we tour Nextfest’s Visual Art venues. Curious collaborations between visual artists and the rest of Nextfest will be lurking around every corner.


Presented by The Violette Underground
Curated by Violette Coquette
The Roxy on Gateway | 8529 Gateway Blvd
Saturday, June 10 at 9:00pm

What would a Pride party have looked like in the 1920’s? Go back in time to an imaginative era of luxury and extravagant delights. A mix of party and show without the separation of stage – mingle with the night’s beautiful and peculiar characters as they perform burlesque, poetry, song and drag. 18+ event.