Mar 2019

Nextfest 2019: Audition Notice for The Fatal Summons

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Seeking actors for a staged workshop of The Fatal Summons, a new horror play by Leila Raye-Crofton.

Plot summary:
Four young actors enter the theatre for a closing night party. Soon, one finds an ancient script and suggests they all do a play reading of a scene in which a demon is summoned. Unfortunately for them, the reading goes better than expected and a real entity from another realm comes to destroy them. One thing’s for sure: not everyone will make it out alive.

Role breakdown:

  • Diana – “final girl” type, strong until the end, female-identifying
  • Lucas – Diana’s boyfriend, a skeptic, male-identifying
  • Alex – the “rule” character (think Randy in Scream, Marty in Cabin in the Woods), open to all genders
  • Jayne – party girl, an underappreciated member of the group, female-identifying
  • The Entity – a demon from the beyond, will only speak in voiceovers, preferably someone strong in movement, open to all genders

The staged workshop includes one presentation during the course of Nextfest, with design elements included. Would preferably be an off-book presentation. Rehearsals will take place during a bit of April, mostly in May. Can offer a small honorarium.

Audition dates:
April 3rd – 3:30-5:30
April 4th – 3:30-5:30

Auditions will take place in room 1-43 at the University of Alberta’s Fine Arts Building.

Please submit a headshot and resume to leilaraye22@gmail.com with your ideal role/roles to audition for by APRIL 1ST. Auditions will be sides from the script. I will then send out a schedule as quickly as I can, with the sides for you to read in advance. They do not need to be memorized. Please also indicate preferred audition times, and I will do my best to accommodate. If you are interested in the project but do not think you can make these audition times due to this very short notice, please submit anyway! I could try and work something else out to discuss the project with you.


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