Lobby Installations


created and performed by DOM FOOL
directed by Mark Vetsch
choreographed by NIUBOI
Ongoing in the lobby of the Roxy on Gateway Theatre throughout the festival
Final fashion show as part of the Club Kids, Redux Nite Club on Saturday, June 8

Created in the Court of Chaos,
Cast in the Crown of Cockscomb:
Come into the Closet of
Canada’s Courtier Couturier.
Come IN to Come OUT.

SHIPWRECK is a symphony of fabric and thread; a siren song of chaos, creation, magic, & madness. A 10-day Fashion Show, unlike the world has ever seen, SHIPWRECK paints a painfully powerful & seductively sublime portrait of the tortured mind of fashion designer DOM FOOL.

Think outside the box with SHIPWRECK.



An ongoing performance installation
at the Backstage Theatre
Creator: Jen Mesch
Performer: Bridget Jessome

Eight Bridget Studies is an exploration of the female figure in various proximities, qualities of light, and liminal spaces.