Curated by Good Women Dance Collective, the Nextfest Dance series features emerging artists from around #yeg and across Canada.

Technical Team:
Stage Manager: Andrea Handal
Lighting Designer: Skye Grinde
Stage Manager Mentor: Izzy Berguist
Lighting Design Mentor: Julie Ferguson


Friday, May 31 at 6:00pm
Saturday, June 1 at 2:00pm
Sunday, June 2 at 4:00pm – stay after the performance for a talkback!
at the Backstage Theatre

this is where i’ll stay

Company: Nostos Collective
Choreographer: Emily Spearing in collaboration with the dancers
Performers: Sonja Boretski, Miyeko Ferguson, Irena Ponizova, Katherine Semchuk, Emily Spearing

a vigorous, theatrical, and physical exploration of five dancers tackling the uncertainties we go through in life, searching for acceptance within themselves.


Choreographer: Gemma Crowe
Performers: Alina Jiwani and Sarah Cherniwchan

The bolsters, rivalries, and the complex connectedness we all navigate as social beings is represented in the relationship between two women, and the fluctuating space between them.

Forest Floor

Choreographer & Performer: Kristy Janvier

I’ve always loved the crunch below my feet as I walk through the bush behind my secluded cabin. No electricity. No running water. You get there by boat. This land was started by my great grandparents. I spent most of my summers here.



Thursday, May 30 at 7:00pm
Friday, May 31 at 8:00pm- stay after the performance for a talk back!
Saturday, June 1 at 4:00pm
at the Backstage Theatre

Tunnel Vision
Choreographer and Performer: Elizabeth Ferns

Tunnel Vision explores the notion of being stuck in a continuous loop in the thoughts that haunt us in the back of our minds.

“I remained so much inside my head and ended up losing my mind.” – Edgar Allen Poe

It Was/Wasn’t All Worth It

content warning: This piece contains violence
choreographed and performed by Diego Romero & Ileanna Cheladyn

A thank you to each other, to the audience, to whomever wants to be thanked. Physically rigorous, we challenge the discomfort of being vulnerable and visible, with each other, with the audience, with whomever seems to haunt the space. Play and care are important within the demands the performers hold; they focus on a different relationship between performance and viewership that refuses shape and meaning.



Tuesday, June 4 at 8:00pm – stay after the performance for a talk back!
Wednesday, June 5 at 6:00pm
Thursday, June 6 at 8:00pm
at the Backstage Theatre

Imperfect Perfection

Choreographer and Performer: Sasha Wilde

Why and how do imperfect creatures strive for the unattainable? What trials and tribulations do humans put themselves through in order to achieve this standard? IMPERFECT PERFECTION explores image: the juxtaposition between inward and outward perfection, being perfect vs. appearing perfect. Is perfection a façade?


Choreographer: Nina Milanovski in collaboration with performers
Performers: Victoria Gubiani, Paige Sayles

uncouple (verb):
To disconnect or unfasten
To set loose
To break loose
uncoupling studies how people transition from individuals to partners, and then untangle themselves as individuals again. Analyzing the proverbial canyon that keeps two people apart, we uncover the intangible elements in between, the lingering connections and memories.

me, mine, more…

Choreography and performance: Rachel Facchini
Costume Alterations: Aaliyah Sundarsingh
Mentor: Kate Hilliard

me, mine, more… was created in response to curiosities around social perception. The way individuals perceive one another in different social encounters and situations, and how we navigate misunderstandings as a part of social perception.


Choreographer: Alison Neuman
Dancers: Alexis Hillyard, Kaylee Borgstrom, Nicolle Pilon
Description of your piece:
Reflection is an exploration of identity, marginalization, conformity, individuality, and inclusion.



Friday, June 7 at 8:00pm – stay after the performance for a talk back!
Saturday, June 8 at 2:00pm
Sunday, June 9 at 3:00pm
at the Backstage Theatre

Human Landscapes

Choreographer: Candice Irwin
Performers: Alison Keery, Roxanne Korpan, and Amanda Pye
Outside. Eyes: Davida Monk and Deanne Walsh

“It’s not an untouched wilderness like a mountaintop, but a ramshackle wildness in which people and the land have conspired to strangeness.” – Helen Macdonald

Inspired by the work of visual artists Wanda Koop, Human Landscapes asks what our world would look like if humans weren’t here.

Street Art

Choreographer/Performer: Robyn Learn
Videographer: Evan Robinson
Street Art is a collaborative exploration of the act of watching and being watched. (in the street, on the stage, or through the numerous other venues that life provides)

A Provocation on Wheels I

Choreographers: Jen Roy and Shay Erlich
Performers: Shay Erlich and Jen Roy

Wheels represent possibility and plurality: the space between motion and stillness, the balance point between safety and risk, and how imagination creates opportunities for new motions to emerge. In animating the inanimate device, the user is in turn animated, perpetuating motion, relationships, and explorations.

The He(a)rd
Choreographer: Raena Waddell
Performers: Meghan Moody, Alex Mevel, Stephanie Schnarr, Julianna Heft, Leah Born, Abby Hanson, Amanda Procter, Nika Giblak, Nicole Chebac, Cattrina Ladi, Michelle Luu, Kelsey Bertrand, Amelia Pierce, Aidan Collins, Alecia Hack

The He(a)rd references three ideas within the myriad of possibilities in herd mentality: distortion, unified mass, and ultimately highlighting each unique voice among the many.

Each year Good Women Dance Collective and Victoria School for the Arts partner on a new work for Nextfest. An artist from the Edmonton community is selected to create a piece on the Dance Xtreme students in grades 10-12.