THE ROXY RAGER:  Nextfest’s Music Night

Curated by Chris Martin

The Roxy on Gateway | 8529 Gateway Blvd
Friday, June 9, 2017 at 9:30pm

Nuela Charles

With her most recent release Nuela Charles continues to make a name for herself as a bold and soulful songwriter with huge potential. From song placements in major television programs to climbing the CBC Radio 2 charts, Nuela is a star.



Karimah Ashanti Marshall has a voice. In the literal sense, when you hear her sing she is undeniable. In the lyrical sense Karimah is a songwriter who will not be denied. This is a woman with a message and the voice to carry it.


Darla Daniels

Darla Daniels deftly blends her roots with the modern world through fiddle playing that is (as fiddle playing should be)  wild, vibrant and fun.