Somewhere on a patio in Edmonton, Theatre Network is rubbing its temples, and lamenting over a frosty locally-brewed craft cider: “Where has the time gone? They just grow up so fast!”

Nextfest, Theatre Network’s exuberant emerging artist festival celebrating the creative voice of the next generation, turns 20 this year. In celebration of two decades of original encounters in Edmonton-made art, Nextfest mines from the vaults two works originally produced in the early years of the festival, directed anew by two rising theatre artists, featuring an all-star cast of local emerging performers.

Nextfest 20th Anniversary Showcase
May 7 – 17, 2015
Preview May 5 & 6
The Mercury Theatre  (previously the Living Room Playhouse)
11315 106 Avenue
Tuesday – Saturday at 8pm | Sunday at 2pm
Tickets available at Tix on the Square
Both shows performed in repertory

Originally produced at Nextfest in 1998, No One Showed Up to the Anarchist Rally by Rosemary Rowe is the story of three unlikely college roommates. Unwashed dishes, rotting food, pajamas, and tea. The apartment has never looked or smelt worse. Veronica was dumped, Anna won’t leave the bathroom, and Celia is planning the event of a lifetime. No One Showed up to the Anarchist Rally is a poeticized comedic investigation into the undergraduate angst we all go through about our own sexual, artistic, and political expression.

In Leah-Simone Bowen’s Code Word: Time – first produced at Nextfest in 2001 – a maintenance man distracted by his aspirations to become a filmmaker leaves three strangers trapped in an elevator. This poignantly dark comedy on new media is perhaps even more relevant in today’s fast-paced world of online social connectedness.

No One Showed Up to the Anarchist Rally
by Rosemary Rowe | directed by Andrew Ritchie | featuring Paula Humby, Marina Mair-Sanchez & Lianna Makuch | costume and light design by Cheyenne Sykes | set design by Kevin Green | sound design by Andrew Ritchie | stage managed by Kate Quinn-Feehan

Code Word: Time 
by Leah Simone Bowen | directed by Beth Dart | featuring Bonnie Ings, Cliff Kelly, Graham Mothersill and Ben Gorodetsky | costume and light design by Cheyenne Sykes | set design by Kevin Green | video design by Matt Schuurman | stage managed by Mona Jiang

Stay tuned for more details on Nextfest 2015, taking over Edmonton June 4 – 14 in various venues in and around downtown.

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The fine folks over at the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton must really love the emerging arts! They’re offering 2-for-1 tickets to the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts to all Nextfest artists and alum. That’s just crazy! Tickets start as low as $21.

C’mon out and support this year’s nominees, and enjoy a killer performance lineup featuring DJ CreeAsian, The Wet Secrets, Joe Nolan, Mary Pinkoski and SO MANY MORE!

Just fill out this form and return it to the PACE offices to cash in on this sweet deal.

Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts
Monday, April 20, 2015 at 7pm
Winspear Centre

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NuMusic at Nextfest proudly presents brave new works by emerging composers, musicians, sound artists, and anyone interested in exploring the world of new music and sound art. For the sake of this festival, “emerging” refers to artists under the age of 30 who are not professionally represented.

NuMusic at Nextfest is now accepting submissions for the 2015 Nextfest Emerging Arts Festival. This year’s edition of NuMusic will revolve around the theme “Inside Out,” encouraging works which make use of indoor and/or outdoor spaces.

All works and proposals must be submitted by Friday, May 1, 2015. We are interested in works at various stages of development within the following categories:

Composed works*
– Works for solo instrument & chamber ensemble, with or without electronics. (Ensemble must be provided by composer, OR pending submission requests, a house ensemble may be formed)
– Acousmatic & live electronics.

Experimental take on various genres*
– Experimental Jazz, Pop, Rock and Dance music.

– Acoustic, electronic or mixed improvised performances.

Sound Art
– Sound Installations, Interdisciplinary works & Music Tech demonstrations

– If you have something that is not in the categories above, let us know!

Regarding Outdoor Works: Tech support for works which make use of outdoor space may be provided pending on the quantity and nature of the overall submissions. Otherwise, resources must be provided by the artist.

*Submitted works must not exceed ten minutes in duration.

Application Requirements:
– A brief written explanation of the work
– An overview of the requirements of the work (particularly for instal- lation works and/or technically heavy performance pieces)
– Biography (maximum 150 words)
– Scores and/or recordings where applicable
– Any applicable auxiliary materials such as youtube/vimeo/sound- cloud etc. links

Contact information
Submissions may be sent electronically to numusic.nextfest@gmail.com or hard copies may be mailed to:

Raimundo Gonzalez – NuMusic @ Nextfest Curator
7611 110 Street
Edmonton AB T6G 1G2

Questions? Comments? Please contact Rai at numusic.nextfest@gmail.com

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RIP, Roxy. Image care of Global Edmonton.

RIP, Roxy. Image care of Global Edmonton.

The Nextfest Arts Company is deeply saddened by the loss of the Roxy Theatre. As our home for the past 20 years, The Roxy nurtured thousands of emerging Edmonton artists through the first steps of their creative careers, and was home to countless colourful and meaningful memories.

The iconic Roxy Theatre is sorely missed, but will live on in the hearts of all the artists, technicians, administrators, volunteers and audience who helped build Nextfest into Edmonton’s most unique celebration of original encounters in theatre, dance, music, visual art, film and multidisciplinary collaborations.

Thankfully, the spirit of a community and its art are not confined to one building. While the loss of the Roxy Theatre presents a significant challenge for Nextfest’s 2015 programming, our festival will not be stopped!

The heart of Nextfest is its strong community, and we will rally to help Theatre Network rebuild from the ashes. We will continue to celebrate Edmonton’s vibrant emerging arts community by finding creative ways to host our more than 600 artists in our 20th year of Nextfest this coming June, 2015.

Our curatorial and administrative team are already hard at work brainstorming solutions. We thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of support during this difficult time. With your help, Nextfest 2015 will be the best fest yet. Please keep an eye on nextfest.ca and @NextfestArtsCo for details!

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They’re fierce, they’re creative, they’re passionate, they’re talented, and they have Math 20 in the morning…

Nextfest is proud to present our celebration of High School artists that we’ve dubbed “NEXTNextfest,” a multi-medium showcase of Edmonton and area artists all under the age of 18.

NEXTNextfest provides a platform for teen artists who are serious about creating careers in theatre, music, dance and visual art. Under the umbrella of the Enbridge Mentorship Program, secondary school artists are encouraged to boldly present their work…and show the twenty-somethings how it’s done!

Applications for NEXTNextfest 2015 are now open. We are accepting submissions in four categories. Please click the links below to view the application form.

NEXTNextfest Dance Performance Call for Submissions

NEXTNextfest Music Performance Call for Submissions

NEXTNextfest Theatre Production Call for Submissions

NEXTNextfest Visual Art Display Call for Submissions

DEADLINE: March 1, 2015

Questions? Email Ellen at ellenchorley@hotmail.com. We look forward to receiving your submission!

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Drumroll, please!

Your 12 competing poets for the inaugural Take Back the Mic Slam are:

Scott Brooks
Brandon Case
Colin Matty
Morgan Smith
Skye Hyndman
Liam Coady
Medgine Mathurin
Patrick Swan
Nasra Adem

Congratulations, poets!

Your revolution starts now. Your revolution is the what-if, the could-be, the should-be, the will-be. Your revolution is politics, semantics and artistics. Gather up the critics, the cynics, the mystics, the mavericks, the beatnicks: this is your manifesto, so manifest your destiny.

Rise up, and take back the mic.

Nextfest, Breath In Poetry and Catch the Keys Productions present:

Take Back the Mic
The Nextfest Slam
Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 9pm
as part of the Rise Up! Nextfest Nite Club
Artery Edmonton (9535 Jasper Avenue)

Twelve emerging poets compete in a three-round elimination for a $500 top prize.

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Call for Submissions
Nextfest Nite Clubs 2014

The Nextfest Nite Clubs are a series of multidisciplinary performance parties showcasing emerging artists in all disciplines – theatre, dance, film, performance art, visual art, installation and anything else! Performances range from 30 seconds to full evening installations and roving performances. For the purpose of this festival, “emerging” refers to artists under the age of 30 who are not professionally represented.

Each Nite Club has a theme that is open to interpretation. We are looking for high-energy interdisciplinary collaborations, non-traditional experimental performance and performer created work encouraged. All performers must be at least 18 years old.

The themes for 2014 are:

Friday, June 6: The 6th Annual Rise Up!
For the politically inclined artist, Rise Up is your revolution – it’s the what-if, the could-be, the should-be, the will-be. Your revolution – it is politics and semantics, artistics and music. What fires you up, pisses you off, makes you passionate about the state of the world?

Friday, June 13: The Fright Nite Club
A little blood? Some gore, maybe? A goodnight ghost story to keep your imagination up long after the lights have cut out? Feel that old witch Fear walk her bony fingers the length of your spine, force your hairs to stand on end. Tell us what scares you most. Please note: please mention in your submission if you plan to use fake blood. We are big fans of fake blood, but prefer you use the Catch the Keys secret recipe only.

Saturday, June 14: The 7th Annual infamous Smut Cabaret
Risqué, sexy, lewd, vulgar… fetishes, desires, sexuality. Bring out your naughty side, taunt and tease, make your audience squirm.

Please submit the following requirements to Nextfest NiteClub Curator, Beth Dart, at bdart@catchthekeys.ca:

  • An explanation of your piece;
  • Technical requirements, if known;
  • Contact information and website links;
  • Any additional support material; and
  • Please note if you are interested in collaborating with an artist from another discipline.
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They’re fierce, they’re creative, they’re passionate, they’re talented and they have Math 20 in the morning…

Nextfest is very pleased to team up with Enbridge to present the Nextfest High School Festival. Dubbed “NEXTNextfest,” the festival is a multi-medium showcase of Edmonton and area artists all under the age of 18.

NEXTNextfest provides a platform for teen artists serious about creating careers in theatre, music, dance and visual art by partnering them up with professional artists. These mentors help to encourage and strengthen creation by allowing the teen artists to shadow their process and share work.

Curated by @EllenChorley.

NEXTNextfest is accepting submissions for the 2014 Festival in FIVE categories. Please download the submission forms below:

Dance Performance: DUE March 24, 2014
Music Performance: DUE March 24, 2014
Performance Ensemble: DUE March 17, 2014
Theatre Productions: DUE March 17, 2014
Visual Art Display: DUE March 24, 2014

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Deadline: April 17

Nextfest is now accepting visual art submissions for the 2014 edition, taking place June 5-14, 2014! Nextfest is an opportunity for emerging visual artists under the age of 30 who are creating new work and want to be a part of a dynamic festival.  Contributing artists receive artist fees and festival passes to all of Nextfest’s films, plays and performances.

The visual arts venues of Nextfest are located along 124 Street between Jasper and 108 Avenue. We are presently taking submissions for individual shows as well as proposals for instillation and temporary murals.

Find us on Facebook to view a gallery of images from 2013’s Corridor Stroll and the contributing artist’s work: www.facebook.com/nextfest.visual.arts.

Submission guidelines (please include all):

1) 8-12 JPG images or proposed work w/ image list (title, dimensions, medium)

2) Artist statement

3) Short bio and/or CV

E-mail submissions or questions to:

Steven Teeuwsen/ Nextfest Visual Arts Curator:

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Hi Nextfesters!

We kick off Nextfest 2013 tomorrow, and we need your help.

WHAT: Nextfest 2013 Opening Night Flashmob
124 Street Grand Market
WHEN: Thursday, June 6 at 6pm
Wear your Nextfest t-shirt if you’ve already picked it up, but DO NOT reveal it until the Jasper Place Drumline appears. Or come as you are.
PS: Be prepared for rain.
To kickstart Nextfest 2013 in style

On Thursday, June 6 at 6pm at the 124 Street Grand Market, we are planning a flash mob. A drumming, dancing, parading flash mob. We want – no NEED! – you to be a part of this flashmob.

Starting at 6pm, we will have a lone drummer busking at the picnic tables at the Grand Market. Come hang out at the market. Listen to the solo busker. Be cool, but be ready to follow along. We need you to follow along.

Around 6:30pm, Music is a Weapon will cue you to join in the fun. If you have a drum, bring it and play it. If you don’t have a drum, come anyway and we’ll give you a drum, or make drums out of whatever we can find around the market. Music is a Weapon will lead us in a contagious, loud, groovaliscious drumming circle. We need the Nextfest army (that’s you!) to be a part of that circle. Follow Music is a Weapon’s lead. They’ll tell you what to do. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you borrow a drum from Music is a Weapon, PLEASE make sure the drum is safely returned to them.

At 7:30pm, the Jasper Place Drumline will appear at the corner of 108 Avenue and 123 Street. They will be wearing Nextfest t-shirts. They will drum through the market. They will lead the Nextfest army, market patrons, and anyone who’s into having fun from the market to The Roxy Theatre. Follow the Jasper Place Drumline! Reveal your Nextfest t-shirt! It’s a parade! A Nextfest parade!

Our dance curators, Good Women Dance, have choreographed easy and fun dance moves to perform. They will lead you in the dance when the drumline starts. Learn these sweet moves:

At 8pm, Amber Suchy will play a FREE concert at The Roxy Theatre.  Come and dance to the sweet sounds of Amber Suchy and help us kick off Nextfest 2013.

At 9pm, the What It Is Podcast will record its first live podcast of the festival in The Roxy Theatre. We will announce the Nextfest Enbridge Emerging Artist Award winners. We will also host the Nextfest Round Up, featuring one representative from each show or installation.

Got it? Cool. Want to know what it’s like to be a part of a movement? Here, watch this, then courageously follow the movement:

See you on Thursday, June 6 at 6pm at the 124 St Grand Market.

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