Adopt-An-Artist Donors

Adopt-An-Artist Donors

This page has been updated as of June 14th, 2020 at 6:00 PM

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Here are this year’s Adopt-An-Artist donors!

Leanne McGeachy & Eric van Wolsum adopted Allison Neuman

Leanne McGeachy & Eric van Wolsum adopted Lisa Alyx Bui

Leanne McGeachy & Eric van Wolsum adopted Becky Johnson

Leanne McGeachy & Eric van Wolsum adopted Katie Cutting

Leanne McGeachy & Eric van Wolsum adopted DJ Golden Grey

Piet Defraeye adopted Rumi Jeraj

Brent Christopherson adopted Logan Stefura

Brent Christopherson adopted Sarah Emslie

Lenka Stuchlik adopted Kelsey McMillian

Lenka Stuchlik adopted Jennifer Peebles

Lenka Stuchlik adopted DJ Jay Slay

Lenka Stuchlik adopted Simone Gosselin

Lenka Stuchlik adopted Melanie Bahniuk

Debra Lieberman adopted Eva Foote

Adam Lemay adopted Deviani Andrea Bonilla

Bob White adopted Gavin Dyer

Jan Taylor adopted Jacquelin Walters

John Quinn adopted Émanuel Dubbeldam

Lana Hughes adopted Bethany Hughes

Fern Snart & Gerry Kendal adopted Kiruthika Rathanaswami

Keri & Adam Mitchell adopted Dylan Thomas-Bouchier

Beth Dart adopted Isabel Bergquist

Ash Howard adopted Sir Racha

Ash Howard adopted Taylor Chadwick

Garett Spelliscy adopted Yousuf Liepert

Ellen Chorley adopted Spinelli Teleski

Ellen Chorley adopted Madi May

Chereda Bodner adopted Konomi Kikuchi

Chereda Bodner adopted Nadine Veroba

Paul Manuel adopted Hayley Moorhouse

Paul Manuel adopted Ashley Freimark

Paul Manuel adopted Mackenzie Brown

Paul Manuel adopted Mallory Chipman

Paul Manuel adopted Roger Rubeka

Paul Manuel adopted Shannon Parker

Paul Manuel adopted Kaylee Borgstrom

Paul Manuel adopted Christina Hollingworth

Paul Manuel adopted Grace Fitzgerald

Paul Manuel adopted Thomas Moore

Maggie Barton Baird adopted Reanna Pilkington

Maggie Barton Baird adopted Becky Sadowski

Leila Raye-Crofton adopted Andrea Handal

Sue Quon adopted Ainsley Hillyard

Sue Quon adopted pH(Lin)

Brenda Barton adopted Kim Jev

Marc Chalifoux adopted Ethan White

Kristi Hansen adopted Kathy Austin

April Banigan adopted Michael Watt

Beth McLachlan adopted Todd Houseman

Marianne & Kent Stewart adopted Morgan Thomas

Gary & Linda Poignant adopted Kristian Stec

Anonymous adopted Ben Gorodetsky

Anonymous adopted Angela Proulx

Tom & Judy Peacocke adopted Katherine DeCoste

Tom & Judy Peacocke adopted Jaseena Elvin

Heather Chorley adopted Ellen Chorley

Maryann & Mitch Sabourin adopted Ailsa Brazeau

Sonia Varela adopted Kaeli Morris

Sonia Varela adopted Ruth Gilliland

Leyland Adams adopted Lyra Brown

Ingrid McCarroll adopted Chidinma Amogu

April Killins adopted Laura Cervera-Fuentes

April Killins adopted Darrien Byers

Concrete Theatre adopted Connor Yuzwenko-Martin

Zvonimir Rac adopted Nikki Hulowski

Jen Peebles adopted April Killins

Ross Bradley adopted Zachary Strom

Ross Bradley adopted Thomas Kassian

Ross Bradley adopted Max Hanic

Ilda Lubane adopted Julia van Dam

Jennifer Mikula adopted Marguerite Lawler

Kat Veeman adopted Tia Kushniruk

Edward Johnson adopted Chelsea Du Toit

Edward Johnson adopted Katie Cassady

Edward Johnson adopted Braydon Dowler-Coltman

Edward Johnson adopted Cameron Tkachuk

Edward Johnson adopted Lauren Toporowski

Rapid Fire Theatre adopted Syd Campbell

Rapid Fire Theatre adopted Kelly Turner

Karen Bain adopted DJ Tabi

Judy Soper adopted Avery Przyswitt

Janet Hardy adopted Jay the Juggling Magician

Isobel Mailoux adopted Grace Young

Esther Ondrack adopted Nasra

Esther Ondrack adopted Arden Phillips

Tom & Carol Auston adopted Robin Wolff von Selzam

Alyson & Mark Connolly adopted Shay Nanigans

Angie Laberge adopted Ora Burns

Sarah Crummy adopted Steven Teeuwsen

Sarah Crummy adopted Matt Cardinal

Sarah Crummy adopted Skye Grinde

Peter Morley adopted Ellen Chorley

Peter Morley adopted Dustin Allen

Patrick Chorley adopted Alyson Horne

Patrick Chorley adopted Sam Stralak

Imran Ahmad adopted Mustafa Rafiq

Gina Puntil adopted Isabel Yang

Gina Puntil adopted Timiro Mohamed

Desmond Chow adopted Ivy League

Laurie MacFayden adopted Marlaena Moore

Bradley Moss adopted Ellen Chorley

Bradley Moss adopted Maggie Barton Baird

Scott Peters adopted Hanna Ferguson

Deb Feisst adopted Chiara Tate-Penna

Jacquie Skeffington adopted Asia Bowman

Cliff Hansen adopted Eric Pinkerton

Debbie Gunther-Hansen adopted Cassie Hyman

Gary Meiklejohn adopted Alana Rice

Dianne Johnstone adopted Shammy Belmore

Dianne Johnstone adopted Seth Gilfillan

Dianne Johnstone adopted Bravo Charlie

Dianne Johnstone adopted Kendra Shorter

Dianne Johnstone adopted Madysyn Batsch

Heights Residential adopted Stella Ferra

Heights Residential adopted Emi Gusdal

Heights Residential adopted Michelle Jolly

Kathy & Lorris Williams adopted Valkyrie

Kathy & Lorris Williams adopted Amplify1

Kathy & Lorris Williams adopted Elya Hunt

Kathy & Lorris Williams adopted Skye Demas

Kathy & Lorris Williams adopted Calla Wright

Deborah McElrath adopted Hannah Chyz

Deborah McElrath adopted Harley Morison

Anonymous adopted Divina Diefor

Anonymous adopted Alexa Huss

David & Terri Aihoshi adopted Sara Campos-Silvius

Barbara Hauck adopted Austin Kumar

Elizabeth Manuel adopted Jerica Hoskins-Turenne

Sandra Keating adopted Candice Stollery

Glenda Stirling adopted Jaseena Elvin

Karen Farkas & Clyde Hurtig adopted Mac Brock

Karen Farkas & Clyde Hurtig adopted Allison Vicente

Cristina Stasia adopted Sarah Culkin

Tina Chadwick adopted Miko Pelletier

Bevin Dooley adopted Lebogang Disele

Taylor Chadwick adopted Howard Dai

Harley Morison adopted Sophie Healey

Peter Dobbie & Janet Rowlands adopted Josh Travnik

Teresa Davis adopted Elise Jason

Teresa Davis adopted Ian Jackson

Anastasia Maywood adopted Hannah Shikantani

Carlos Cervera adopted Laura Cervera-Fuentes

Steve Pirot adopted Sare

Ash Howard adopted Rexy Resurrection

Shanni Pinkerton adopted Dill Prusko

Jonathan Hamill adopted Scott Peters

Sara Davidson adopted Hanna Ferguson

Reanna Pilkington adopted Simone A. Medina Polo

Billy Brown adopted Melanie Bahniuk 

Melanie Bahniuk adopted Tara Mitrovic